How To Prevent Warts from Outdoors

Warts happen because of virus in the air, or through small cuts unattended, and also because of a weak immune system that is susceptible to viruses and infections. Children are mostly affected by warts when they play outside because their skin catches virus when they play in unhygienic environments. Warts are contagious. You can catch warts when you touch the towel or items used by a person affected with warts. You can spread warts all over your body if you touch your warts and do not wash your hands. You should not try to prick warts that occur on your body either. They are caused by the human papillomavirus or the HPV which could be present anywhere and is not easy to detect. Lets learn how you can get warts from outdoors.



It is not possible to stay indoors all the time for the fear of catching this virus. Preventing warts on skin is inevitable. You can however, reduce the chance of catching warts by washing your hands thoroughly, not biting nails or cuticles, and preventing cuts and scratches. A small opening on the skin is enough for this virus to enter and cause this contagious condition. Therefore, if you ever develop warts, you must always wash your hands and try not to touch this wart. When outside, in public places like gym, etc, use your own towels and avoid using soaps, bathroom slippers in this place. Use a slipper that has a rubber sole.

Treat them immediately

warts while playing

It is unpredictable when the wart will disappear. So, if the wart appears for the first time it is good to see a doctor and take a treatment immediately, because chances of spread warts all over the body post a single appearance of a wart is high. You can use Wartrol for warts and get rid of them or use home remedies to remove warts. Read an unbiased Wartrol Review in this article.You can also visit it to find out where to buy Wartrol.

Duct tape and salicylic acid

When you plaster the wart with a duct tape, the chances of spreading them yourself by mere touch becomes negligible. Also, using food items rich in salicylic acid or topical creams with this content are said to be effective to eliminate warts. Once you remove the strip of duct tape, put a plaster on it for a week and remove the plaster after a week. Soak wart in water and remove the dead part using a nail file. Repeat this till the wart is completely removed.

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