Sunshine State

While its exactly least 15 Centigrade degrees outside right now, the Canadian players are there in Florida to face both teams in the area this weekend. It must still be special to come play hockey in shorts all season. Their players have to find it horrible having to travel to places like Montreal and Western Canada to play hockey.

It was now in the state of newspapers that Andrei Markov will also be a free agent at the end of the season. His remarks are nothing reassuring as it says it wants to focus on this season and does not know where he will be next year. He slipped a little to his twenty kamarade Ovechkin who praised by mentioning that he was one of the most difficult to work around the issue of national league … raise the stakes next season defenders. Personally I would send Rivet somewhere and I resign Souray and Markov on the spot.

With that, good game tonight!

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